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Come and discover the exceptional beauty of the European, Asian and North African countries facing the Mediterranean Sea. From charming Turkey to lively Spain, from Italy with its unique food and wine tradition and cultural cities to the ancient acropolises in Greece.

The Mediterranean area is widely known because of its considerable archeological and cultural heritage, for its stunning natural landscapes and beaches and for the mouth-watering cuisine. The Mediterranean sea is perfect for sailing vacations and cruises, both aboard luxurious catamarans and smallest yachts.

The Greek islands, the Cyclades or the Dodecanese archipelago, Cyprus, the Ionian Islands, Maddalena archipelago or the Balearic islands with hectic and colorful Ibiza: the Mediterranean sea has much to offer if you are looking for a relaxing holiday, tour or unforgettable cruise!

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Mediterranean Sea flows through the coasts of some countries belonging to Europe, Africa and Asia. The history considers this geographical area one of the most important place for the development of the ancient western civility.

Because it does not have any connection with the Oceans, the Mediterranean Sea is a quite calm and the tides are limited. Moreover, the high average temperatures guarantee warm and dry summers and humid winters.

Geographically, the Mediterranean Sea is divided into two areas, the Western Mediterranean Sea, which is characterized by wide abyssal plains, and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, that includes the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Lybian Sea and the basin of the Levantine Sea.

The Mediterrean Sea hosts a large biodiversity, thanks to the presence of different typologies of habitat. This is why were declared some protected zones , as the area between the Ligurian Sea and Tuscany, where it is possible to admire particular species, as the common fin whales.