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One way cruise from Mykonos to Paros via Small Cyclades

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Greece, Mykonos - Yacht: Walkabout 43

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Cruise in the islands of the Small Cyclades departing from Mykonos and arrival in Paros.

The island we'll visit (Mykonos, Donoussa, Kofounissa, Schinoussa, AntiParos e Paros) are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, thanks to both their landscapes and the typical villages.

We'll spend a few nights in Greek pubs to try some traditional dishes. We'll also stop at isolated bays at night to enjoy the night sky in all its beauty.

The sailing is half with following winds, and the cruise is suitable also for those who don't have any experience. The on board staff will complete your journey with high quality meals.

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  1. Boarding


    Boarding in the late afternoon in Ornos bay in Mykonos, which can be reached by bus or taxi (10 minutes) from Mykonos International Airport. Accommodation in the respective cabins. In the evening, we'll dine in a typical Greek restaurant.

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    Day 1
  2. From Mykonos to Donussa

    From Mykonos to Donussa

    A beautiful sailing, usually with strong wind, will allow us to reach Donoussa.

    Donoussa is a small island that is scarcely inhabited, it's out of tourist circuits and in the Middle Ages it was famous for being home to a pirate dungeon. We will anchor in a wild bay in the northeast coast where we will stay in the afternoon and at night. Here you can swim safely, snorkel or stroll during sunset and watch the panorama.

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    Day 2
  3. Donoussa


    We will slowly depart for a partial circumnavigation of Donoussa, to reach a bay in the south of the island. The bay is beautiful and has a white beach and fantastic water. In the late afternoon we'll take a stroll with a stunning view, that will lead us to the Chora of Donoussa, a splendid village overlooking the marina, full of life but not yet invaded by mass tourism.

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    Day 3
  4. From Donoussa to Kofounissi

    From Donoussa to Kofounissi

    Sailing downwind we will reach Pori bay in Koufonissi. This bay is a beautiful place, with white sand beaches and crystal blue water.

    In the afternoon we will move to the village of Koufonissi and during the night there will be time to have fun and walk about the village. The village has many interesting places, including an Italian ice cream parlor.

    Visited places

    Day 4
  5. Da Kofounissi a Schinoussa

    Da Kofounissi a Schinoussa

    Short downwind sailing with to reach Kato Koufonissi, a small island with about ten houses and long white beaches. We will anchor a few meters from the beach in crystal clear water. During the afternoon you can swim and relax; in the late afternoon transfer to Schinoussa.

    Schinoussa is a small island, where agricultural activities are still predominant and where tourism is still underdeveloped. The streets are not paved and Chora consists of a few dozen houses along the main road.

    We anchor in the bay of Livadi, and in the late afternoon we'll walk up to Chora. Afterwards, dinner at a Greek pub, a small, typical place with outdoor tables, where they make special Greek traditional dishes.

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    Day 5
  6. From Schinoussa to AntiParos

    From Schinoussa to AntiParos

    We'll have an exciting sailing through a usually very windy channel in the Aegean sea, between Naxos and Paros; the first part of the navigation will be a close reach sailing, and then it will be upwind.

    We'll get to Anti-Paros in the early afternoon and we will anchor in the great bay of Despotiko.

    Dinner onboard.

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    Day 6
  7. From AntiParos to Paros

    From AntiParos to Paros

    In the morning we will visit the archaeological site that is located on the island of Despotiko. Here you can find the remains of an ancient temple of Apollo, situated on a plateau with a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea.

    Then a short, but often very intense navigation will lead us to Pandieronisia, a small island located in the channel between Paros and Anti-Paros. In the afternoon we'll have time to relax and then reach Paroikia in Paros.

    Dinner at a Greek pub that serves amazing fish dishes.

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    Day 7
  8. Disembarkation


    Breakfast and disembarkation.

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    Day 8