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Spain is a wonderful land, it is able to satisfy every kind of traveller thanks to its amazing landscapes and its huge cultural heritage. Both these aspects are emphasized by the cordiality, hospitality and the warmth of its inhabitants.

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Imagine to stroll the wide boulevards in Madrid, up to the large Plaza del Sol, with its typical bars and restaurants. Do not hesitate in sitting down and taking a typical course, such as chocolate with churros or a glass of sangria served with tapas. Then, stand up and run into the beautiful gardens of Palacio Real. Here, you will be enraptured by the perfumes of the colourful flowers which adorn this faboulous place. Or even, do not be intimidated by the land of gitanos: reach the south of the country and visit the beauties belonging to the ancient community of the Moors, shooed during the Reconquista, discover its castles and enjoy the beautiful landscape characterized by a crystal-clear sea and gentle hills.

Each part of Spain boasts its own traditions, in Sevilla  the feira de April is famous, in Pamplona the corrida, and many others: enjoy of the opportunity to discover them!

Also the nightlife will satisfy you! Parties on the beach till dawn, popoular clubs and famous bars will accompany you during your holiday, maybe in lively Barcelona. And then, is there anything better than experiencing the calm and tranquillity of the amazing beaches and hidden coves lapped by a crystal-clear sea in the early morning? A sailing cabin charter vacation will give every traveller a sublime experience close to the uncontaminated and wild nature of Spain: enjoy the wonderful and peaceful places, away from the stressful day life in the Balearics or Canary islands.

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