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Sicily Italy Sailing cabin charter holidays in the Aeolian Islands

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Italy, Portorosa - Yacht: Oceanis 43

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A sailing cabin charter yacht trip towards Aeolian Islands in Sicily, also known as "the seven pearls of Mediterranean" thanks to their extraordinary charm. 

We will visit the trembling island of Panarea, the worth-visiting Stromboli, and the fascinating Salina and Vulcano, rich in natural pools and hot mud baths.

Thanks to this cruise in cabin charter it will be possible to experience a sailing boat trip devoted to relax, adventure and fun.

Boarding and landing in Portorose, Milazzo.

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  1. Portorosa - Vulcano

    Portorosa - Vulcano

    We will leave on Saturday from Portorosa in order to arrive to Gelso,in the south of Vulcano, an italian island which belongs to the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily. Vulcano island is characterized by black beaches such as the Cannitello's beach, where we will stop in order to rest and swim for the first time of our journey.

    At the end of the afternoon we will reach Levante, where you will have the possibility to have a mud bath in the hot pools of the island.

    During the evening you will be free to walk around the island in order to admire its beauties. 

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    Day 1
  2. Vulcano - Salina

    Vulcano - Salina

    The morning is devoted to visiting the Vulcano.

    After having lunch on the beach of the hot pools, situated just outside the harbor, we will set out to Lipari. In Lipari we will admire the beautiful sea, whose waters are colored by all shades of turquoise, and Porticello's beach, characterized by its grey sand.

    After a little break we will leave again in order to arrive by yachting to the harbor of Saint Marina of Salina. 

    During the evening you will have dinner in one of the most famous restaurants of the island located in Lingua of Salina and  called "La Cannata".

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    Day 2
  3. Salina - Stromboli

    Salina - Stromboli

    During the morning we will go around the Salina Island by scooter, departing from Saint Marina and arriving to Pollara, which is located in the north-west coast of the island.

    We will have lunch in a traditional restaurant where you can taste the famous "cunzato bread" dressed with tomatoes, oregano and the well-known capers and cucunci. After that we will set sail to get to Stromboli.

    Once arrived in Stromboli, in the evening we will go together to admire the flood of the lava that reaches the sea from the crater of the Stromboli.

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    Day 3
  4. Stromboli


    An entire day devoted to relaxing, swimming and resting. A day in order to recharge your batteries.

    An excursion to the volcano will be available in the evening. As an alternative you could  walk through the traditional alleys of the town of Stromboli, or reach the observatory close to a pretty good restaurant facing the sea.

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    Day 4
  5. Stromboli - Lipari

    Stromboli - Lipari

    Departure from Stromboli to get to Panarea, the smallest island of the Aeolian archipelago. Panarea is famous thanks to the great number of VIP and beacause during the vacation it is the most frequented island of Sicily.

    After walked around the island and had lunch in a beautiful bay called Milazzese located on the south of the island, in the evening we will reach Portosalvo, in Lipari, where we are going to spend our night.

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    Day 5
  6. Lipari - Vulcano

    Lipari - Vulcano

    In a day consecrated to relax it is available to visit the island by scooter in order to taste the real spirit of this fantastic island.

    During the night we will arrive to Vulcano's habor.

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    Day 6
  7. Vulcano - Portorosa

    Vulcano - Portorosa

    Wake up early and possibility to go on shopping in the traditional shops located in the alleys of the town.

    At 1 pm we will arrive to the black beach of Cannitello, placed on the south. Here, we will have our last lunch together enjoying the perfumes of the Aeolian archipelago.

    In the afternoon departure for Portorosa and arrival at 6 pm.

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    Day 7
  8. Portorosa


    Departure at 9 am.

    Here there's the end of our sailing boat cruise discovering the Aeolian Islands.

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    Day 8