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One Way cruise from Lavrio (Athens) to Mykonos

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Greece, Lavrio - Yacht: Walkabout 43

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A cruise in the Norhern Cyclades Islands, departing from Lavrio, which is about 45 minutes far from the International Airport of Athens, and disembarkation in Mykonos.

We will visit the islands Kean, Kythnos, Syros, Rinea and Delos, which are the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, thanks to both their landscapes and the traditional villages. We'll spend a few evenings in typical Greek pubs to taste the traditional dishes. We'll also stop at desert natural harbors to admire the splendid starry sky.

Navigation will almost always be with cross winds and the cruise is suitable also for those who aren't experienced.

The boarding staff will take care of the meals for a gourmet cruise experience!

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  1. Boarding


    Late afternoon boarding in Lavrio, a location that can be reached by bus from the International Airport of Athens. Accomodation in your personal cabin. At night, we'll dine out in a typical Greek restaurant.

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    Day 1
  2. From Lavrio to Kea

    From Lavrio to Kea

    A brief sailing will bring us to Makronisos where we'll stop for lunch. In the afternoon we'll reach Kea where we'll spend the night.

    Visited places

    Day 2
  3. From Kea to Kythnos

    From Kea to Kythnos

    We'll sail along the eastern coast of Kea and with tailwind we'll soon reach an isolated bay on the eastern coat of Kythnos.

    You'll relax in the afternoon, swimming, trekking or just spending some time on the boat while reading or sunbathing. Dinner at the bay.

    Visited places

    Day 3
  4. From Kythnos to Syros

    From Kythnos to Syros

    Upwind sailing to a desert and isolated  bay on the norther coast of Syros. Relaxing afternoon at the bay.

    Visited places

    Day 4
  5. Da Syros to Tinos

    Da Syros to Tinos

    A brief but exciting sailing will bring us to the port of Tinos. Tinos is an island far from tourist crowds, famous for its venetian dovecotes and one of the most sacred Christian Orthodox monastery.

    Visited places

    Day 5
  6. From Tinos to Delos

    From Tinos to Delos

    Another sailing cruise wil bring us to the island of Rinea. This island is almost uninhabited, it's very dry, but has many bays with crystal-clear waters. Relaxing afternoon at the bay.

    Visited places

    Day 6
  7. From Delos to Mykonos

    From Delos to Mykonos

    This day is dedicated to discovering Greek history. We'll visit Delos, an immense archeological site which has been declared Unesco's World Heritage from 1990. According to the myth, Delos was initially a floating island where Latona took refuge from the goddess Hera to give birth to twins, children of Zeus.

    It's considered the birth place of the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis, and has been considered sacred since ancient times. In the late afternoon we'll travel to Mykonos.

    Visited places

    Day 7
  8. End of the cruise

    End of the cruise

    Breakfast and disembarkation.

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    Day 8