Offshore sailing and Regattas

A sailing holiday for those who love speed and look for that particular emotions that only a regatta can give. For those who want to challenge the sea and ocean and are ready to sail in any weather. You will sail along the routes of sailing Mediterranean and ocean offshore regattas, adapting to sea and wind conditions.

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You'll be involved as part of the crew and together with the skippers you'll run for the goal: reaching destination in the shortest time possible. You'll sail with racing yachts, meaning some of the safest and fastest of sailboats.

Offshore sailing is the perfect holiday for the real lovers of the open sea and long ocean crossings. For sport sailors who want to feel the emotion of the speed at over 20 knots with Class 40s. It's the holiday for those who wish to experience night sailing as well and try their hand at managing duties and steering procedures.

Limitless navigation, at all speeds, all sails trimmed according to sea, wind and route conditions. You'll sail on stable yachts designed for the ocean. You'll glide elegantly on the waves, at over 10 knots, in all safety; the yachts come with the complete safety equipment required for limitless sailing.

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