Round the World sailing with Andrea Pestarini

Imagine to take a voyage around the world on a sailing boat, to see places with unspoilt nature and to spend days in the sole company of the sea, or to see from afar the looming skyscrapers of big cities while approaching the harbor. Andrea Pestarini, a professional Italian sailor, backed by 15 ocean crossings and about 4500 miles of solo navigation, is departing in the fall of 2016 aboard his sailboat Durlindana with his wife for this crazy adventure, that only a true lover of the sea can accomplish.

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A long sailing cruise in 35 stages starting from Marina di Carrara, Italy, in October 2016, and arriving in Patagonia in April 2020. A sea voyage that crosses the destinations of the two hemispheres, from cold to tropical latitudes, from megalopolis to pristine beaches: the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Brazil, the Caribbean, New York, Greenland, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, San Francisco, Baja California in Mexico, Polynesia and the Marquesas Islands, Argentina, Chile, Antarctica. During his world voyage, from one stage to another, Andrea Pestarini offers the opportunity to embark on a sailing cabin charter cruise, for a sailing holiday out of the ordinary, discovering unusual and beautiful destinations. Find out all the stops and leave for your dream sailing cabin charter cruise.


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