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Greece sailing cabin charter cruise from Karpathos to Creta

Sailing holiday in sailing yacht - Cabin charter - Greece, Kos - Yacht: Grand Soleil 46 / Penne Bianche

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A sailing cruise starting from Karpathos  one of the most famous destinations of Greece, full of archeological settlements, typical villages, sandy beaches and many places in perfect Greek style. The landing will be in Karpathos or Creta. This island boasts all the colours and the flavours of the most authentic Greece.

Your dream sailing cruise and vacation is available both in cabin charter and whole yacht option and you'll be sailing on Grand Soleil 46/ Penne Bianche, where skipper Brunella will cook all meals for you, making you taste all the best Mediterranean cuisine.


Welcome on board ! The boarding is planned around 18, in Pigadia, where your fantastic sailing holiday begins, ideal for sailing lovers.

We’ll offer you a welcome cocktail and you’ll meet the crew who will show you the boat. The supplies will be already stored on board and you’ll be able to relax completely.

Once set the luggage we’ll have dinner ashore.


We spend the day visiting Karpathos. The old customs and traditions remain alive in Karpathos and continue to have an important role in people’s daily life.

Here time seems to stand still in a bygone era. The charm and variety of nature are exceptional.

Inland majestic mountain peaks dominate with traditional villages hanging from their slopes. The island also has some of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches: remote bays with crystal clear blue waters and rich vegetation are ideal to be explored onboard a sailboat.

Olympos, the northernmost village, perched as an anfitheatre on the mountain slope has kept traditions alive because it is located in an inaccessible and isolated place.

The women of the village continue to dress in their traditional clothes keeping alive the traditions of the past. Its mills still grind corn and the local Doric and Byzantine dialect sound is still heard.

Dinner on board to enjoy the gourmet cuisine of Penne Bianche.


After breakfast we set sail to explore the coast of the island to discover its remote beaches. The pebble beaches with views to the mountains covered with pine trees are mainly found on the east coast while the sandy ones are on the west coast.

The Apella beach, the most popular in Karpathos, has been recognized as the most beautiful in Europe in 2003.

The passion and great knowledge of the islands allows Brunella, your skipper to offer the best itineraries for a holiday on a sailing boat


After a swim we sail to the southern end of Karpathos, depending on the wind we explore bays and villages that makes you feel the whole island is for you.

Your skipper is always as well the chef on board during the cruising season and in high season, another person joins her in order to offer a more efficient and attentive service.


After breakfast and with favorable winds we sail toward Kasos, not far from Karpathos (5 miles). The island is an unknown Aegean pearl, charmingly, small and rocky, very traditional shipbuilding.

This island is dense in mystery and sees a high presence of animals that live in freedom surrounded by a wild and arid nature, so much that Kasos looks almost like a mirage.

Here you can breathe the real genuine Greece, a lost tradition more than in other islands, where life is slow and people are very friendly. We anchor in the port of Fry, the main village, a picturesque place with stone houses.

The chef proposes a Mediterranean cuisine with typical local dishes of refined quality.


We sail around Kasos, obliged to take a swim at the famous Hèlatros beach thanks to a very clean water and colored pebbles.

We continue towards the small islands north of Kasos and anchor in Armatia. The Marmara beach is really wonderful. It’s famous for being one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The sand is fine and white because of the marble, from which it gets the name.

The beach gently slopes and the water is very clear. Another anchorage not far away is known by the place where the “Careta-Careta” turtles lay their eggs.

Penne Bianche is an elegant hull fast but very stable that can offer maximum comfort to sailing cruise lovers.


Sail back towards Karpathos with lunch and swimming break. Dinner ashore.


Morning end of the sailing cruise “Karpathos and Kasos” and landing at 08.00.

The southern Dodecanese islands are waiting to be visited, we’re looking forward to having you on board !

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