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Greece catamaran cabin charter cruise | Kos, Patmos, Symi, Kalymnos

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Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Greece, Kos - Yacht: Lagoon 420

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How about ending the summer and beginning the fall with a beautiful cabin charter catamaran cruise? You'll sail on board of a comfortable Lagoon 420, along the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea discovering the Greek islands of the Dodecanese archipelago. Come with us in the fantastic and solitary bays kissed by the sea, in a deep blue sea and a group of friends, pushed along by the wind on this incredible sailing vacation in Greece.

The catamaran will set sail from Kos navigating the waters of the eastern Aegean Sea, enjoying the beauty of these islands. Nights and drinks under the stars or in the moonlight will not be missing. At the end of September we will enjoy the marvellous landscapes without crowds of tourists. The little coves and bays will be all for us.

The islands we'll visit on our route will be more or less the following (not all of them since a week wouldn't be enough):

PSERIMOS: A few miles north of Kos. It's a small island, perfect for mooring in a very sheltered bay with a beautiful beach and transparent water resembling a swimming pool.

LIPSI: A small peaceful island situated between Leros and Patmos with beautiful bays. In the large and safest of them there is the largest harbour and the main settlement of the island, Leiposoi. Its hills are soft, the highest peak doesn't rise over 300 m. In the picturesque square with white houses and blue doors and windows, you will find taverns and little bars.

ARKI: The largest of the complex of islets north of Lipsi. The little harbour with around 70 inhabitants is situated in the innermost area of a sheltered fjord. The houses of this unique village are all built in stone and without plaster. Beautiful mooring points can be found in the various islets in a transparent blue water.

PATMOS: Long, narrow and winding, arid and characterized by jagged coasts full of splendid mooring points, it must be explored by moped to appreciate the sweet slopes and numerous panoramic spots. Cosmopolitan and full of tourists, it has kept its own personality.

LEROS: It's the island of the multiple and marvellous bays such as Lakki, the largest and safest port of the Dodecanese. Without high mountains, it is full of green pine forests. The bays north of Archangelos are excellent for mooring while the moped is perfect to explore the innermost villages: Platanos, Agia Marina and Pandeli. The view of the castle is stunning, since you can admire both the west coast and the east coast of the island. A sloping road leads to Agia Marina, the second port of the island.

KALYMNOS: Kalymnos, once famous for its sponge fishermen, it's mainly rocky with many bays and marine caves. In the middle of the island lies a fertile mountain with two small valleys full of citrus groves, especially tangerine.

KOS: It's a long island with irregular coasts. Numerous springs irrigate its fertile plains whose vineyards produced a famous wine in the ancient times. The capital is a garden-city where all ages of history intertwine at the shade of big trees and among pink laurel groves.

NYSIROS: Nysiros is the volcano island. What impresses the most is the wild beauty of flowers. Few beaches, black rocks, white houses with colorful doors and windows. What strikes the most is the green of the island.

SYMI: It's one of the quaintest islands of the Dodecanese, close to the Turkish coast, with mountains rising above the sea and creating marvellous bays. Choriò is enthralling, extending over two small hills flanking the port and reaching two peaks: a unique city.

AGATHONISSI: It's the northenmost island of the Dodecanese, it's made up of ot three big traditional villages (Agios Georgios, Megalo Chorio and Mikro Chorio). The sea is stunning.

The itinerary can be changed any time according to decisions of the captain, mainly due to weather conditions.

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