Giuseppe Zampetti

Giuseppe Travel expert

Giuseppe began to love sea and wind at the age of eleven and, together with other two friends sharing the same passion, he built a sailing dinghy and started sailing the sea in front of Andora, Alassio and San Bartolomeo.

At 16 he approached windsurf and from then on he really began to love the sea. He used to spend three months at the seaside and would never get off the board.

Growing up he discoverd the beauty of the cabin cruiser and realized that on board of a cabin ship he could go everywhere.

"I am not competitive - he says - therefore i don't like regattas, but only offshore sailing without the buoys".

Since 2005 he has started sailing in all Caribbean seas.

Since 2008 he has organized fleet sailing cruises in the Mediterranean sea (Greece - Croatia - Balearic - Aeolian - Aegadian- Sardinia etc.) and in every sea of the world.

Since 2010 he has often sailed to the Seychelles, organizing fleet cruises and setting up fishing lovers groups.

Since he also organizes sailing ship transfers, he happens to cover many miles in a year.


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