Symi is a greek island belonging to the Dodecanese island chain. It is set in the Aegean Sea.

The island is more famous for the peace and calm you can breath on it than for its beaches. In fact, most of them are pebble or larger stone beaches.

Anyway, there are many other points of interest on the island. First of all, no-one can resist to the enchant of this city, Symi is an impeccable example of architecture, that can be noted when arrive at the port. The little colourful houses built on the slop's hill will leave you breathless.

Once on the mainland you have to visit the main city, which is divided in two parts: Gialós, the harbour side, and Chorió, the real village. During your trip on Symi you have to take a break in one of the several taverns and taste the local cooking.

Symi is the perfect destination to discover another magical world of Greece, that only few person known.