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Aeolian Islands cabin charter sailing catamaran vacation

Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Italy, Portorosa - Yacht: Lagoon 400s2

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The Aeolians islands, in Italy, are the gems of the Mediterranean Sea and what we propose here is a unique cabin charter sailing catamaran cruise and vacation to discover all this archipelago has to offer! Lipari is the largest island of the Aeolians group and boasts magnificent scenery, from rocky coasts full of caves, to cliffs, stacks and dark sand volcanic beaches. Close to Lipari is Vulcano, famous for its natural wellness treatments: a black hot water pool here is used by many visitors for healing purposes and is one of the main attractions of the area. Furthermore, the coastline of the island is breathtaking.

Salina is also unmissable and famous for the production of wine, Filicudi features arid but evocative landscapes, Alicudi is the wildest of all the islands.

The itinerary, which can be modified according to weather conditions and on skipper's decision, will cover the following destinations:

  • Vulcano: It's the first island you meet sailing from Portorosa. You will be amazed by the beauty of its coasts and the strong smell of sulfur: today its volcanic activity is supported only by the many fumaroles close to the Great Crater. Possibly, you will take a hike to the top to enjoy a breath-taking view of the islands.
  • Lipari: It's the largest and most populated of the islands, it is famous for pumice stone. If it will be possible, you will take a moped ride around the island, discovering its most picturesque corners.
  • Salina: It's the second largest island of the archipelago, famous for the excellent malvasia and the lush vegetation.
  • Panarea: One of the smallest of the Aeolian islands, perfect for long walks through the hibiscus, caper plants and bouganvillea. You will take a swim at Lisca Bianca, famous for the underwater fumaroles.
  • Stromboli: It's Vulcano's sister due to the similar volcanic activity. It's the perfect stop for direct contact with nature. Those who wish can take a guided climb to the crater or take a long walk to the observatory.

Time permitting, the route will also include Filicudi island.

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