Lipari is the largest island of the archipelago of the Aeolian and it is an explosion of natural beauty. On this island, many different types of panoramas will be offered to your eyes: the arid prairies on the West side and the resplendent “macchia mediterranea” in the area of Monte Chirica and Monte Sant’Angelo.

During your holiday in Lipari, you will be fascinated by the compelling scenarios of this island: volcanic rocks, crystal-clear waters, golden beaches colored by the obsidian and pumice-stone caves.

Lipari can satisfy the expectations of any tourist. There are plenty options for the lovers of the sea and of the beach-side; the amazing sea-bottom will offer rich emotions to snorkelers and divers, while the trekkers have miles of walking-paths all around Lipari in search of the best panoramas.

Lipari has a more than a thousand years of history and on the island, many sites of culture, arts and archeology are worth visiting.

Your trip in Lipari will be surrounded by lovely walks in the characteristic alleys with their flowers, plants and mural inscriptions and designs. The centre town offers many boutiques for shopping and great choices of restaurants for savoring the well-known Sicilian cuisine.

Breathtaking scenarios, millennial history, art, culture and gastronomical delicacies, these are the elements that will make your holiday in Lipari unforgettable.