Brunella Tattarletti

Brunella Travel expert

Brunella has been passionate of sailing and sea for more than 20 years. After a big experience to the Caribbean and to the Fiji Islands in the Pacific, nowadays she sails along the Mediterranean sea.

Her sailing trip started during the spring from the Adriatic and carry on until May to Croatia, Montenegro, Apulia and Albania. From June to October she is settled to Greece: the Ionian Islands, Cyclades, Dodecanese and the coast of Turkey.

Thanks to a wonderful itinerary you can visit several places during a sailing week or sailing trip made up of 10-12 days from April to October.

The yacht boasts three wide and comfortable cabins with two bathrooms. Extended areas for only 6 people who can enjoy of an accurate service.

The guests can help to the management of the life on board or just enjoy their vacation.

From July to August in order to offer a better service the crew will be arranged by two people. During the other months the skipper has to cook while the guests should collaborate to do on board jobs. This is a fantastic occasion to understand the philosophy of the life onboard.

Penne Bianche's cuisine is really tasty! The skipper proposes local and italian dishes based on special ingredients found in the villages. Delicious and healthy foods full of fruits and vegetables, fish and meat but also pizzas, first courses with hand made pasta and different desserts every day.

Brunella offers the highest comfort to guests and thanks to her experience and knowledge of the places you are going to visit, she proposes the most interesting and suggestive trips, moorings in the typical villages and anchorings in wonderful bays.

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