The island of Delos belongs to the Cyclades group island. It is a small island with mountainous landscape.

The island is one of the most relevant mythological, historical and archaeological places in the whole Greece. In fact, it is supposed that Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and Apollo, god of light, were born there.
Nowadays Delos, with its 50 acres of excavations is one of the main tourist attractions of Greece and the city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List; no other island hosts this amount of evidences from the Archaic, the Classical and the Hellenistic periods. 
The island is rich in temples, theatres, statues and sanctuaries.

Beyond the religious importance, Delos was very relevant on the economic front, in fact in Late Hellenistic and Roman times, Delos became the most profitable port in the Mediterranean.

To schedule your trip on Delos you must visit the ruins of ancient Delos. They are divided into four main areas: the Maritime Quarter, the Theatre District, the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Lion District.

Delos is the perfect destination for those wanting to go back in the history and taste the mythological world of Greece.