Syros is a greek island belonging to the Cyclades island group. It is located in the Aegean SeaThe Phoenicians were the first inhabitants of the island, they called the island Syros, may be it derives from the word "Ousoura" that means happy, or may be it comes from the word "Syr" that means rock, as its landscape.

Syros is a beautiful island with an important culture, in fact it is full of museums and galleries, but the passion for the arts it is visible also walking around the picturesque alleys.

A worth-seeing stop is the Archaeological Site of Kastri and Halandriani, here you can find historical villages and relevant tools using at that time.

Beyond the cultural activity, Syros offers a large number of beautiful beaches lapped by crystal clear sea. Poseidonia is one of the most wonderful beaches, it has sandy and pebble beach surrounded by tamarisk trees. Lotos beach is another beach not to be missed, it presents sandy beach and an amazing view to this bay, what is fabulous in this beach is the isolation and the tranquillity.