Kythnos is an island belonging to the Cyclades island group.

Kythnos has a particular wild beauty, characterized by dry and hill landscape, suggestive architecture and beautiful beaches. On the island there are two significant settlements: Chora and the village of Dryopis or Chorio.

Chora is the capital city of Kythnos, it is built on a hill. The design of this little city is really suggestive; in fact, Chora shows white houses, picturesque churches and narrow paths. In the little square you can find some restaurants and cafes, where tradition and modernity are mixed. Dryopis was the ancient capital city. The tiled roofs, the winding alleys and the several tree offer an amazing view. Recently, another settlement, called Kanala, is growing near the coast.

On the island there are more than 70 beaches, some of the most beautiful are: Kolonia, a unique beach, that connects the island of Agio Loukas with Kythnos. It has a golden sand and beautiful crystal clear sea on both side. Merichas, a sandy golden beach, that is perfect for sunbathing and swimming.