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USA United States

USA United States

Discover the United States of America, a charming country from all points of view and land of international trends.

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The climate and geography are very heterogeneous and offer beautiful landscapes and many world famous national parks

Moreover, the coexistence of different ethnic groups made ​​sure that the country got a huge heritage. This is why America developed some musical genres, such as jazz, rap and hip hop.

Finally, its metropolitan cities, that never sleep, meeting point of different ethnic groups, and rich in architectonical styles, museums, urban parks with awesome details, made it possible for tourism to develop considerably.

The USA boasts different points of cultural and tourist interest, lively cities and a veil of mystery that still wraps the New World, this is why, it is able to enrapture every kind of visitor.

Do not miss the chance to relax lying down on its wide beaches or practice water sports, and maybe discover new ones. Travel from coast to coast along world famous Route 66 or explore the small islets offshore, reaching once again a new world: more rural and wilder if compared to the mainland, but boasting the same charm.

Plan a tailormade tour and holiday suitable for your personal needs, we offer you the chance to personalize your tour to make you vacation unforgettable!