Sicily: cruise sailing and catamarans

Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most fascinating destinations for sailing lovers. Discover its hidden bays, the pristine nature, its volcanoes and archipelagoes with a sailing yacht or catamaran cabin charter cruise. Explore the Aegadians, Aeolians, Pelagians or Pantelleria on a sailboat, dive in the blue sea and in the evenings take part in one of the many festivals in the coastline villages. And do not forget to savour the Mediterranean cuisine: here in Sicily, close to Africa, dishes have a special taste. Discover all our cabin charter cruises for your vacations!

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Welcome to Sicily! This marvellous island of Southern Italy and Mediterranean Sea is the ideal destination for a sailing cabin charter yacht or catamaran cruise! Sailing along its pristine coastline, discover hidden coves, dive into the blue sea or explore its archipelagoes, the Aegadians, the Aeolians, the Pelagians, Ustica and Pantelleria. A cabin charter sailing holiday in Sicily is emotion-packed: the meeting point of several civilitazions, beside lush nature, it also boasts a rich artistic and historc heritage. Discover Etna, Stromboli, Vulcano with a land excursion, during the day admire its unique landscapes from the boat and in the evenings explore the villages, savour the delicious Mediterranean cuisine or take part in a local festival with local people. What are you waiting for? Discover spelndid Sicily on a cabin charter sailing cruise!