Spain - The places of your holidays on a sailing yacht and catamaran

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Spain is a country belonging to the European Union, it is located in the Iberian Peninsula. Its borders are mainly marked by the sea. Indeed, in the North there is the Cantabrian Sea, in the South the Mediterranean Sea and South-East the Balearic Sea, which contains some islands forming an autonomous community of Spain. They are not the only islands of this country, in fact there are also the Canary Islands, an archipelago of 7 vulcanic islands, located in the North-West of the African continent. The capital city is Madrid.

Spain can be divided in three different geographic regions according to its morphology: the Meseta Central, a plateau that occupies a large part of the country; the mountain ranges in the North, which include Pyrenees and the Cantabrian Range; and the Baetic System located in the South, that includes some mountain ranges, such as Sierra Nevada. Because Spain is lapped by many seas, it has large coasts with different features. Near the Cantabrian Sea the coasts boast beautiful bays and suggestive cliffs; while the Mediterranean coast, divided into Costa Brava, Costa Daurada, Costa del Azahar, Gulf of Valencia, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, is milder and less indented. This area attracts many tourists, thanks to the gentle weather which offers warm and dry summers.

Spanish people belong to different ethnic-linguistic families developed in Spain and a minority of foreigners. This condition has allowed an eclectic development in terms of art and architecture, the style encloses different traditions and cultures. It is possible to admire this fact in the city of Cordoba, that was established by the Romans and presents features belonging to this civilization, but then it became the cultural capital of the Omayyade dinasty, this is why it also shows refined Arabian architectures.

From the economic point of view, the main sector is the tertiary, in which tourism emerges. Visitors are attracted by the natural beauties and the amazing landscapes of the whole country, by art and culture that are unique and different from city to city, by the rich night-life which offers countless amenities and places where to have fun for example in lively Barcelona, but also by its tasty cuisine, the hospitality and cordiality of its people.