Antiparos is an island belonging to the Cyclades island group, it is located few kilometres far from Paros.

The Community of Antiparos, in the southern Aegean, including the namesake island and an uninhabited island of Despotiko.

Antiparos is a popular tourist destination due to its tranquillity and its several typical little shops. It is able to conserve an own identity, although the presence of the bigger island of Paros.
Walk along the main island's coast to reach the beach, you can admire the suggestive landscapes characterized by the nice country and the beautiful greek crystal clear sea. The hinterland on the island is a natural, spacious and bright site. Here there are several alleys that bring you to different places: a nice little church, a country landscape or to the next beach.

Antiparos has a large number of calm and sandy beaches; it is impossible to have overcrowding. It is a perfect destination for an holiday with the whole family.