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Catamaran cabin charter | Greece Sporades islands | 15 days

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Sailing holiday in catamaran - Cabin charter - Greece, Lavrio - Yacht: Lagoon 420

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THIS YEAR WE HAVE DECIDED TO SAILING IN BEAUTIFUL SPORADES ISLANDS A holiday in catamaran and sailing boat, already in itself, is something different that goes beyond the common schemes, the navigation in the flotilla is even more. The flotilla will sail from the Marina di Lavrion to sail the waters of the Aegean Sea and savor the beauty of these islands. There will be some party and aperitifs in the moonlight.

We will be in three beautiful catamarans plus three beautiful sailboats of the latest generation that will sail together among the many bays of the various islands.

BASE OF BOARDING AND LANDING: The base of embarkation and disembarkation of the crews will be the Marina di Lavrion. It is essential that all participants board the evening of Saturday 04 August 2018 so that, hurry up the preparations of the galley, the hulls are ready to set sail from Sunday morning. All participants will be able to reach the boarding base autonomously or with the air flights prepared by our collaborating agency.

The airport is from the Lavrion base, about 30 minutes by taxi / transfer

Embark: At Marina di Lavrion - Greece, Saturday 04 August 2018 from 17.00.

Disembark: At Marina di Lavrion - Greece, Saturday 18 August 2018 (before 09.00 am).


The sporades, are divided into two groups: Northern Sporades, those that we will make and sporadic Orientals located along the coast of Asia minor.

They are mountainous islands dispersed in an extraordinarily clear sea. To reach the Sporades, we will sail north through the channel formed between Euboea Island (to the east) and Continental Greece (to the west).

As a whole, the archipelago describes a sickle-shaped curve from the southern corner of the peninsula of Trikeri to the north to the small semi-submerged rock of Psathoura.

There are four main islands: Skiathos and Skopelos, the most touristic, while Alonnisos and Skiros are the most pristine islands along with numerous smaller uninhabited islands.

Always remaining on the edge of historical events, these islands have few archaeological finds. Recently, traces of Minoan settlements have been brought to light in Stafilos on the island of Skopelos. The islands were allies submissive to Athens and later to Macedonia and Rome. Skiros has always been more important than the other islands, being along the trade routes between Athens and Asia Minor.

The Sporades are very green, the vegetation is their great strength. It seems that the Sporades breathe deeply (and indeed it is) in their pine forests, which at times are interrupted but only when the sea decides.

The beautiful landscapes and the beautiful sandy beaches attract more and more tourists in the most easily accessible islands of the archipelago. Alonnisos and the neighboring islands (Peristeri - Panayia - Skantzoura - etc.) are part of the Northern Sporades marine national park. The park was established in 1992, created in order to safeguard the Mediterranean monk seal, at risk of extinction. The park is home to numerous other rare species of fauna and flora.

Meltemi does not blow in the Northern Sporades as intensely as in the more southern areas. Generally it comes from the north - north east, but the direction is notably altered by the islands and the channels that separate them. The islands block much of the long sea that comes from the north. The combination of meltemi and flat sea along the sheltered coasts of the islands makes sailing very exciting.


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