Alghero, located in the North-West coast of Sardinia, is a modern city, that has been able to conserve the historical culture and traditions.
It is defined as "Little Barcelona", because of the Spanish influences that it possible to note in all the alleys of the city. In fact, there are signs written both in Italian and Catalan, in addition, it should happen that inhabitants speak with Spanish accents.

Beyond the historical centre, fascinating for its cobblestones and the beautiful decorations, you should visit the Cathedral of St. Mary, in Catalan-Gothic style, the Machin Palace and the Episcopal Palace.
In the main square of the city, Sulis square, enclosed from beautiful walls and bastions, you could taste the Sardinian specialities in many restaurants and bars.

Alghero is also a maritime city, therefore it has several beaches; as Lido di San Giovanni, famous for its silver sand, the seaside of Maria Pia, Bombarde and Lazzaretto with golden sand, and many other.