Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian islands. Its landscape is characterized by low hills covered by olives trees and rocky cliffs lapped by emerald green and turquoise waters.

The legend of the island explains that Paxos was created by Poseidon, who struck Corfu to create an hidden and mysterious place to share with his wife. Nowadays Paxos is well known for its beauty.

On the island there are many activities to do. For example you can walk along the miles of alleys, through the orchards, that let you arrive to uncontaminated bays and coves and enjoy the amazing panorama. If you want to have a total relax day you can enjoy the several small beaches.
Lakka is one of the main popular sandy beach.

A  worth-seeing spot is the capital city of the island, Gaios, it is a picturesque village near the port.

As a whole, the typical greek life style offers to visitor a genuine and calm holiday that combined with the hospitality of the inhabitants will make your stay unforgettable.