Milos is an volcanic island belonging to the Cyclades island group, it is the southwesternmost island in the Archipelago. The rare morphology of the island gives its own charm.

Sea, nature and relax are the most typical elements for an holiday on Milos. The seaside of the island are really enchanting. In the South are: Provatas, golden and thin sand;  Firiplaka, surrounded by multicolour rocks, Aghia Kiriaki, white beach; Paliochori, pebble sand with many restaurants; Gerontas, black thin sand; Tzigrado long 25m. In the North are: Firopotamos, a bay with some fishermen's houses; Sarakiniko, with fascinating withe rocks; Mandrakia, a particular bay; Pollonia, with its large Gulf; Ag. Konstantinos, a lagoon between the rocks; Papafragas, where the sea create incredible trick of light.

The over 70 beaches on Milos are a mix of thin, white, black, pebble sand and shell's fragment, but everyone is wonderful and flowed through a beautiful emerald green and cobalt blue sea. The island is known as "island of colour", thanks to the beautiful sea and beaches' colors.
A worth-seeing stop is Kleftiko, an impressive spot of rock formations, unmissable destination for skipper and tourist who choose holiday in sailing boat.

Along the suggestive and unique landscape, Milos fascinates its tourists with its typical little village designed by white houses and alleys; its tasty local cooking, characterized by grill meat, fish and the typical Pitarakia, a sort of cheese pies.
During your holiday on Milos you will relax, enjoy the different kinds of beaches and the beautiful sea, enjoy the unforgettable sunsets, walk around the suggestive alleys and taste the savoury cooking.