Amorgos is a island belonging to the Cyclades island group. It is characterized by crystal clear and deep sea, uncontaminated landscape and bright red sunsets.

Amorgos is located in the Aegean Sea and has more than 100km of wild and beautiful coast.

The island has been occupied from the prehistory. A monument that identify this place is the Moni Panagia Hozoviotissas, a monastery built in 1099. It is set in a isolated zone and originate a suggestive landscape. The monastery is located on a cliff site, in the south part of the island, it is the main examples of the greek-orthodox monastic architecture.

Other little uninhabited islands belonging to Amorgos. In this island there is the best of the culture, architecture, landscapes and beaches of all the archipelago. It knows how conserve the magical and timeless atmosphere.

In the island there are not many buildings, that is why it appears an oasis, where you can always relax.