Arundel Yachting

Arundel Yachting

Arundel Genoa Sail Project & Yachting was founded in West Sussex, southern England. Arundel is a beautiful and historic town of the south of England, very famous thanks to the presence of a beautiful castle, set in the hills a few miles away from the shores of the Solent. Here our staff has worked and sailed, knowing and appreciating the deep seafaring traditions of fascinating people, who live the sea with love and passion. This passion has been acquired and transferred to Genoa, the most subtly "Anglo-Saxon" of Italian cities. The desire and pleasure of all the staff at Arundel Yachting will be able to make you enjoy the sea and sailing with passion and love through the sensations and unique emotions that can be felt from the cockpit of a sailboat. 

From our base in Genoa you can sail along the Ligurian Riviera and Corsica. Other bases are Marina di Andora, Riviera di Ponente, near the beautiful Island of Gallinara and Marina di Cecina, near the Tuscan Archipelago.  From these bases, we can sail along the Italian Riviera, the Cote d'Azur, Corsica and the Tuscan Archipelago.

Arundel Yachting can offer up to 11 boats ranging from 33 to 75 feet to best enjoy the art of navigation and sailing across the Mediterranean Sea, discovering local history, culture and nature. We offer sailing cabin charter cruises along the Ligurian coast from the French border in Portovenere, down to wild Corsica, the charming Tuscan archipelago or the glamourous Côte d'Azur. The experience and the passion of our crews and the expertise of our instructors, convey the excitement and joy for sailing or motor. The professional training of skippers, gained through years of navigation in seas and oceans, allows you to live intensely and safely all our cabin charter sailing cruises.

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Quotes provided generally include insurance coverage. In case of accident or injury it is the traveler's responsibility to timely report it to the insurance company within the timeframe indicated on the insurance slip provided once the reservation is made. Travelers must provide all the required data and all the documents proving the event.