Betty Maggioni

Betty Travel expert

Betty Maggioni is from Bergamo, 39 years old, she graduated in Economics and Commerce, skipper registered in "Gente di Mare" at the Harbour of Genoa. Her passions are travelling and practising sports. The curiosity and desire to discover the world, in all its forms and manifestations, made her discover unexplored destinations, travelling solo, in a couple and in groups.

She has been travelling through the unexplored deserts of Africa, the lost grasslands and vibrant American cities, the highlands of the South American "pampas" and the serene calmness of the Southeast Asian population. In each place she has always sought to get an insight on the customs of the local people, getting excited just to catch a smile or the simplicity of the joy of living.

She loves sports (gymnastics, dance, volleyball, tennis and even football) until getting closer to what she considers today her vital element, the sea. This is one reason why she moved from Bergamo hills to Liguria. She experienced the best emotions thanks to scuba diving and sailing in the wind, sun and waves aboard a sailboat. Her passion is turning into a way of life and the desire to continue to learn more about the world.

She has been sailing for several years now in the Mediterranean Sea with a strong desire to go further.

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