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A sailing cruise or holiday in the Pacific Ocean is a life-changing adventure. Whether you choose to navigate on board of a catamaran or a smaller yacht this immense expanse of blue water will amaze you with its unique sailing destinations. From pristine New Caledonia to mind-blowing French Polynesia and Hawai, from Tahiti to Bora Bora, including the coast of Mexico and stunning Central America or even Alaska, if the freezing weather doesn't scare you.

Finally, if you are a skilled and experienced sailor who doesn't mind spending long time at sea without touching land, you can even try an ocean crossing: surely an adventure that will change all your perspectives. 

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Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on the Earth. It extends from Bering Sea in the Arctic to the frozen Ross Sea in the Antarctic, and from the Indonesian coasts to Colombia. It also includes several islands, more than which are enclosed in the other oceans, and a total of 17 independent countries.

Its bottom is heterogeneous, indeed it is possible to find submerged volcanic mountains, oceanic volcanic islands but also deep trenches, as the Mariana Trench.

Pacific Ocean includes five climate regions, among which on the Western there is the monsoon region, with large seasonal variations, while near equator, where there is the large number of islands, the weather is characterized by stable winds that allow to have constant temperature.

Because of the great depth of the ocean, the exploitation of the mineral wealth is problematic; while in shallow waters are extracted natural gas, petroleum and pearls. Anyway, the most profitable resource is fishing.