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To think of the Indian Ocean is to think of exotic destinations or colorful coral reefs and indeed a holiday or sailing cruise in this vast expanse of turquoise water is an unforgettable experience. Bali and Lombok in Indonesia will literally leave you breathless, whether you are sailing on a catamaran or a smaller sailing yacht, a cruise to the coasts of Thailand will give you unique emotions and allow you to get a glimpse on the life of the locals.

The Maldives are the ideal crusing destination for a dream getaway with your significant other, the Seychelles will amaze you with their stunning sunsets and beaches, the Mauritius will leave you with unforgettable memories about your diving and snorkeling experiences.

No matter what destination you pick, a sailing cruise in the Indian Ocean is a not-to-be-missed adventure, a life-changing holiday and trip.

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Indian Ocean is the third largest Ocean on the Earth. It is completly located in the Oriental hemisphere and represents an importance trade route to connect Asia and Africa. Indeed, the main function of this ocean is to host relevant trade routes to exchange commercial goods among countries. The oil transport is one of these, thanks to the large reserves of hydrocarbons that this ocean bottom has.


In the Indian Ocean, the areas located in the North of equator are characterized by a weather influenced by monsoons, which often cause precipitations. While, the zones located in the south of equator are less windy, but more subject to summer storms. In addition, when the wind's directions change it is possible the cyclones' formation.

Although the high temperature of the Indian Ocean does not allow the production of plancton, and therefore the sealife is poor, this sea hosts more than 5000 species, some of them are endangered, as dugongs, turtles and whales.