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The Caribbean are a unique sailing destination that everyone associates with dream beaches, verdant palms and breath-taking blue sea. They are indeed exactly as everyone imagines and even something more! A sailing vacation, on board of a sailing yacht or catamaran, is easily the ideal way to make the best of this heavenly corner on Earth.

The British Virgin Islands and the Grenadines, besides boasting some of the most pristine landscapes and bays in the world, are also a popular holiday destination for Vips and celebrities, so the little islets burst with nightlife activities, clubs, restaurants, discos and live music.

Many of the islands were locations for famous movies, such as of course, the Pirates of the Caribbean, but also Jacques-Yves Cousteau's underwater short films (Guadeloupe). Antigua and Barbuda offer enchanting bays and coves, Saint Martin and Sint Maarten will leave you breathless with their fabulous sunsets, the Bahamas and their white sandy beaches will make you feel like you are living a dream.

Finally, Cuba, the pearl of the Caribbean, boasts a hectic nightlife and unique colonial heritage, as well as Jamaica, where the sound of reggae music will make even the most restrained traveller dance. No matter which destination you choose, a sailing cruise in the Caribbean Sea will exceed all expectations.

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The Caribbean can geographically be included in the countries surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, therefore all the islands belonging to the Antilles, an archipelago divided into Greater and Lesser Antilles and the coasts of some countries in South and Central America. These islands boast a moderate high temperature during the whole year, but between june and dicember they are subjected to tropical storm with high hurrican risks.

The majority of these islands has volcanic origin and boasts heterogeneus natural landscapes. In fact, it is possible to find dry areas but also lush vegetation with typical Caribbean royal palms.

Caribbean Islands were subjected to the colonization process, this is why the population mainly comes from the ancient African people that have been imported to work in the plantations and why the most common languages are European, as Spanish, English, French and Dutch. Even today it is possible to discover their colonial past, thanks to several evidences belonging to that period, especially in the architectonical field. Nowadays, many of these works are considered World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The main economical resources of the islands are the agriculture and coltivation of tobacco, tea, coffee and sugar, the mineral processing and tourism.