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Only those who have experienced a sailing holiday can describe the unique emotions offered by the sea and felt during these trips.

Sailing holidays have long been considered as fit only for professional skippers or anyone who had at least some basic nautical knowledge. This kind of holiday is actually fit for everybody and the increasing number of people choosing it is the proof that the old myth which labelled sailing as the exclusive option of a skippers and sailors' elite has finally been dispelled.


Going on a sailing holiday means feeling unique strong emotions; it means meeting the silence that only the sea can offer and which will make you face sensations that the frenzy of modern life has made you forget.

It's a meeting with wind, sun, waves blending into the sky on the horizon. It's a journey across the world that will make you discover the beauty of a journey in yourself, with moments of total peace that only the sea can donate.

But a sailing trip is much more: the exploration of incredible natural landscapes, of high rugged coasts, gulfs and coves, clear sea bottoms full of creatures, untame places and beaches that can be reached only by boat, And then again ports, cities and islands, because a sailing holiday is not only sea but also land, and many countries in just one trip.


Another highlight of the sailing holiday is the strong team spirit which is created by sharing the same spaces and tasks for managing the boat.

This is why this sort of holiday is perfect for groups of friends who choose to hire the whole boat, or for couples and singles wishing to meet new people and spend some good time in company. The cabin charter option, for instance, allows you to book cabins without hiring the entire boat.

Discover our tips on what to bring, phone coverage, weather conditions, children on board during a cruise.


Sailing holidays can satisfy tourists with different needs and experiences, looking for different packages and holidays.

Some are people who approach sailing for the first time and are looking for skilled skippers taking care of everything, and others are real conoisseurs with some sailing experience, wishing to experience the boat to the fullest.

In order to offer you a high quality travel experience and satisfy different needs of those choosing a sailing holiday, Vivisail has selected high qualified skippers and partners operating in the field for years, who can offer different kinds of travel solutions and offer top competence and reliability to tourists, satisfying their every need, always working with the best quality standards.

Choosing to travel with Vivisail means travelling with professionals who have been helping tourists selecting their trip, recommending the best solutions or creating them from scratch at the moment of booking.

All Vivisail skippers have gained years of sailing experience in the seas and oceans and they know perfectly all kinds of yachts. This allowed them to suggest different kinds of travel proposals, such as offshore regattas, ocean crossings and relax cruises, perfect for tourists who are not interested in speed and adventure but look for total relaxation.

Vivisail skippers have sailed for miles, have taken part in the most famous regattas, have gained a good number of titles, beaten records and satisfied plenty of tourists who have sailed with them in the most amazing places of the world.



Experience and passion, these are the two qualities that allowed Vivisail to become a major reference point for sailing holidays and catamaran cruises.

Our experts' long-lasting activity in the field taught them all they need to deal with any requirement, request and wish of those approaching sailing holidays, Vivisail offers all of this together with the best Italian and international partners.

With this in mind Vivisail has created its travel packages, that can be grouped into 6 main categories.


These are sailing holidays combining the pleasure of sailing in the deep sea and the relaxation offered by wellness and beauty treatments. You sail on board of luxury yachts, designed to make your stay comfortable and pleasant, assisted by a qualified crew offering you a top quality service.

If you want to discover more about this kind of holiday, go to the luxury sailing  section.

Vivisail luxury sailing will make you discover the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea with tailormade itineraries, sailing calmly and admiring unforgettable sunsets. You'll disembark to visit islands such as Ibiza which, despite being known mainly as a nightlife destination, also offers bays and beautiful coves. It has been declared Unesco World Heritage Site. You'll discover Formentera , another splendid island of the Balearic archipelago, declared Natural Reserve amd Unesco Heritage too. Formentera is a paradise of white-sanded beaches and a breathtaking sea reminding of the Caribbean Sea.


Cabin charter is the perfect sailing holiday for those who wish to make new friends and spend time in good company. These holidays are good both for experts sailors and for those who have no sailing experience. Life on board will be alternated to moments on lands, discovering ports and islands. To discover more about this kind of holidays go to the sailing charter section.

Charter proposals can often be tailormade, so you can choose the destinations you'd like to visit with Vivisail experts and thus arrange the perfect holiday for you. The expertise of our skippers allowed them to define itineraries that fully satisfy the needs of those who choose this kind of voyage. You'll thus find yourself admiring the coasts of beautiful islands of the Aegadian archipelago or strolling along Portorosa tourist port in splendid Patti Gulf. Or else, you'll reach all the islets of Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian islands, you'll visit Stromboli island, famous for having been an active volcano for centuries, and the other Aeolian islands such as Lipari and Salina island. 


These are sailing holidays for anyone who likes to spend much time on the boat and for those who wish to alternate life on board with sightseeing in the places of great historic and artistic interest. You sail along the routes of the great sailors of the past, with a slow navigation, aboard luxurious yachts. To discover more about this kind of holiday go to the sailing historic routes section. 

An epic sailing holiday

Voyages along the historic routes are very long and follow itineraries that are not very popular, Vivisail will guide you along these exclusive voyages like real explorers discovering lands that made the great sailors of the past set sail, such as Ulysses who sailed in the Mediterranean sea, Amerigo Vespucci who set off to discover South America, and James Cook in Oceania. The ports and cities you'll visit are historic places, full of history and culture; this is why during your holiday you'll have plenty of time to dedicate to sightseeing of monuments, ruins and other archaeological sites. You'll visit places that are not popular with mass tourism, such as Alexandroupolis, marking the cultural boundary between Europe and Asia in the famous land of Thrace: here lies what is thought to be the famous cave of Polyphemus the Cyclop. You'll maybe also land in the Italian city of San Felice Circeo, land of heroes and magic, or famous Troy, which will make you experience a journey in the past with its historic remains dating back to 3000 B.C., and Ithaca, offering much in terms of culture, an island that is full of vegetation, with nice beaches and marvellous sea bottoms. 


These are sailing holidays for those who wish to experience the strong emotions offered by the ocean, for those wishing to challenge the long water expanses and enjoy the silence of the ocean. It is necessary to love life on board, since many days are spent without touching land, a fundamental feature of these long crossings, To discover more about this kind of holidays go to the sailing ocean crossings section. 

From the Canary islands to the Caribbean, from South America to South Africa;these long crossings, covering over 2000 miles, will make you discover the oceans and some of the most beautiful places in the world. After many sailing days, you'll land in charming places and you'll be enraptured by the imposing beauty of lush nature, such as in Martinique, in the French department of the Lesser Antilles, with its wild vegetation especially in the north, in the most pristine part of the island, giving way to enchanting beaches to the south, such as Plage des Salines, Anse Trabaut, Anse Michel and Ilet Chevalier. But also the most famous European ports will be the destinations of these crossings, such as the one in Las Palmas in the island of Gran Canaria: it's a splendid seaside town, with a rich cultural heritage such as its old quarter Vegueta, declared Unesco World Heritage Site, and stunning natural landscapes. The city is in fact built on two bays forming the beautiful beaches of Playa de Las Canteras and Playa de Las Alcaravaneras. 


These sailing holidays are generally appreciated by sport sailors and those who wish to feel the emotions of speed at over 20 knots. On board of Class 40s, designed for the ocean, you'll tackle the open sea and night sailing, trying your hand at managing duties and steering. To discover more about this kind of holiday go to the offshore sailing section. 

You'll sail in the splendid Mediterranean sea, admiring stunning coasts and islands. You'll visit the Aegadian islands, such as Favignana, the island which is defined ad the "big butterfly in the sea", with its Whisper Caves, marine caves of incomparable beauty; Levanzo, the smallest island of the archipelago, whose high steep coasts overhanging the sea offer a unique natural sight to those admiring them from the sea; and Marettimo, boasting precious wildlife and vegetation, with many rare species. In Pantelleria, an island of volcanic origin, you can enjoy its hot springs, thermal springs and natural mud of Lake Venere. 


The sailing holidays for the real lovers of the sea, ready to sail in any weather. Speed is the main feature of this type of sailing holiday; reaching the destination in the shortest possible time is indeed the real goal of every regatta. A holiday that will involve you as part of the crew. To discover more about this kind of holiday go to the sailing regattas section.

Vivisail regattas will take you in the splendid sea of Valletta, the capital city of Malta, whose position on a bay forms one of the most spectacular natural ports of the whole Mediterranean sea, to the northenmost tip of the Corsican Cape, to discover Giraglia, an island of Corsica, considered as one of the favourite destinations of the lovers of sea adventures. You'll reach the port in Saint Tropez, once a fishermen' s village, now full of big yachts and sailboats, and the port of Monte Carlo, the city state of the Principality of Monaco, mainly known as land of luxury and prestige, it will surprise you with its lovingly preserved natural treasures.


The expertise of Vivisail skippers and advisors allowed us in time to create a wide range of offers for travel and sailing holidays aboard sailboats and catamarans. In order to offer a top quality service and satisfy even the most peculiar requests, for example in case of travellers wishing to see destinations that are not included in the offered packages, Vivisail offers you an innovative tool: Make your own cruise. This service, through 3 simple steps, allows you to choose your dream destinations, the type of trip you'd like to make, the boat you'd like to sail on, the period and duration of your holiday. All this information will be useful to Vivisail experts for arranging a tailormade sailing trip



Different kinds of trips, different boats and experiences: a sailing holiday can satisfy any tourist. From real sailors to unexperienced travellers, from those looking for speed to those looking for tranquillity, from those who travel to meet new people to those who prefer to relax with beauty treatments, from those wishing to challenge the ocean to those who want to be cuddled by the sweet sea waves. Many holidays and one thing in common: a blaze of unforgettable emotions!

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