Malta - Charter holidays, sailing yacht and catamaran cruises



Discover Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, an archipelago sorrounded by splendid sea and boasting enchanting beaches, perfect for cabin charter sailing yacht or catamaran cruises and tailormade holidays in total relaxation.

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This small country in Southern Europe, besides marvellous bays, is also rich in cultural attractions, with three Unesco World Heritage Sites. One of these is the entire capital city of Valletta, maybe one of the most charming capitals in the Mediterranean Sea. Rich in historical heritage and monuments, it will be able to satisfy also nightlife lovers, thanks to its countless bars, clubs and restaurants with a view on the sea.

Finally, you shouldn't miss the islets with turquoise sea, such as Comino and Gozo. Let our travel experts guide you, it will be an unforgettable adventure, holiday or sailing vacation!