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Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an island country in Africa; it is made up of ten islets that design an arch-shape.

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Although its small dimensions, these islands host beautiful and heterogeneous landscapes, where you can glimpse green valleys studded by cane flowers and breath-taking coastal areas, characterized by long, white and sandy sweeps lapped by the emerald waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This maritime landscape is perfect to relax under the palms while sipping a local cocktail, or practice every kind of nautical activities.

Cape Verde also offers important remains of its colonial past, such as the Fortress of São Filipe, belonging to the Portuguese domination period, or the Old City of Santiago, which was an important center for the trade of slaves.

During your holiday, vacation, tour or cabin charter sailing cruise do not hesitate to spend a night in the bars of Mindelo, often hosting live music performances. Don't miss the chance to taste local dishes. The local culinary tradition has received both European and African influences, which made it possible to create courses such as cachup, a sort of stew, canja de galinha and caldo de peixe.

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