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Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a country located in the African continent, it is formed by an archipelago of ten islands. They are surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and divided into two main groups; the Barlavento Islands, which are the northernmost islands and the Sotavento Islands, which form the southernmost part of Cape Verde.

The morphology of the islands is almost the same in all of them. In fact, because of the erosion of the Saharian sand, they became quite plain, sandy, with round coasts and without vegetation. The only distinctive element of these islands is the last active volcano, called Pico de Fogo with an altitude of 2,829 meters.

Also the weather conditions are quite homogeneous. Indeed, all the islands boast a semi-desertic climate, with minimum temerature ranges and short rainy periods. This often provokes drought problems.

The population in Cape Verde is mainly characterized by both African and European immigrants, who  generated a new and unique ethnicity: the creole of Cape Verde.

Under the economic point of view, tourism plays an important and relevant role for the development of the country.

On one hand, visitors are attracted by the long sweeps of white sandy beaches that are gently lapped by the crystal-clear sea of the Ocean. Here, it is possible to relax under the palms or practice all kinds of water sports and nautical activities. The most beautiful beaches include those of the islands of Sal and Boavista. They are still wild and pristine. Or the beaches in Santo Antão, rich in vegetation and breath-taking landscapes.

On the other hand, tourists are also fascinated by the ancient colonial cities, that are still present in Cape Verde. Those who love history must visit the Old City of Santiago. Here time seems to have stopprd at the colonization and at the ages of the trade of slaves. Or the Fortress of São Filipe, which is a clear evidence of the Portuguese domination, listed among Unesco World Heritage Sites.