Cartagena is a spanish city located in the Region of Murica, by the Mediterranean coast.

The port of the city belonging to the Spanish Armed Forces, one of the oldest active naval forces in the world. The importance of the port dates back to the 16th century, when it was one of the fundamental harbour in Spain.

The city is characterized by a unique artistic heritage, with a large number of points of interest. Here you can find and visit the Roman Theater, one of the biggest in the Iberian Peninsula, many phoenician, roman, byzantine and moorish remains, and several buildings belonging to the Art Nouveau style.

Cartagena also offers a wonderful landscape, rich in natural wealth and diversity, this is why some of city's areas are protected. The city hosts many Natural Parks, which present several  european and african species, some of them can be only found on the southern coasts of Spain.

Cartagena is a perfect destination also for those wanting to enjoy beautiful beaches and an amazing sea. Some of the most wonderful beaches are: Cala Cortina, a very popular beach, Playa Honda beach, a fine sandy beach and Mar de Cristal. Here you can relax and practice every kind of water sports you want.

Due to its versatility Cartagena is capable of seducing even the most restrained visitors.