Once you arrive to Malta, a visit to Valletta, its capital, is inevitable. Valletta, called by its inhabitants II-Belt Valletta, is a city unique and unmistakable. It's situated on a bay that forms one of the most spectacular natural harbors in the Mediterranean. Even the urban context, with beautiful buildings, quaint streets and vibrant colors, has a style that makes the Valletta one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

To visit are also the fortifications dating back to 500, built to defend the city, the beautiful gardens with panoramic views and many archaeological and historical museums that preserve the testimonies of the fascinating history of the island .

Obligatory stop for anyone visiting Malta is also the city of Medina, known as the "City of Silence", a medieval village, with its Norman and baroque buildings, narrow cobbled streets with many small shops and workshops. The city, surrounded by high walls, rises on a rocky outcrop, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the island .

Valletta, and the entire island of Malta, are all to be discovered, in fact, in addition to the crystal-clear sea and beautiful beaches, the island will surprise you with reminders of its rich past and the charm of its citizens . Malta is a mix of natural, artistic and historical beauties.