Spargi is the third largest island in the archipelago of the Maddalena. This uninhabitated island is wild and irregular and  its coast is intended and steep. In the southern and southwestern part of the island there are some little bays characterized by thin sandy beaches such as Cala Corsara ,Cala Soraya. Other popular and beautiful beaches are Cala Conneri  and Cala Canniccio.

Spargi is popular thanks to an old Roman wreck placed in the Corsara bay 18 meters under the sea. Cala Corsara is made up of 4 beaches, full of flowers in the east part and characterized by some strange cliffs in the western side. The sea is particular for the wonderful colour of its waters, turquoise and emerald based on the sea bottom. Thanks to its extraordinary beauty the beach of Cala Corsara is the goal of many tourists and lovers of snorkeling.

This fascinating and uncontaminated island stand for an unmissable destination of your tour of the Archipelago of the Maddalena.