Located close to Sardinia, in Italy, the Island of Razzoli is one of the islands belonging to the Archipelago of the Maddalena. The local flora and fauna is well preserved because Razzoli is an uncontaminated island which lacks of  human settlements. Razzoli Island is a true paradise for birds and it boasts high cliffs and pink granite rocks, but it can also offers to the tourists beautiful white sandy beaches such as Cala Lunga and Cala del Rosario. The sea is beautiful and full of colors, therefore is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Around the island could be seen small groups of dolphins.

There, you have absolutely to visit the Port of the Madonna, located between Razzoli, Santa Maria and Budelli and characterized by fascinating colors. Another point of attraction of the island is the Razzoli's lighthouse, a beautiful builiding overlooking the sea.

Every years many sailing trips lead to this island, because together with the other islands of the Maddalena is considered a paradise for the sailing lovers and for those who want to spend a fantastic and relaxing vacation among beautiful landscapes.