On the most western coast of Sicily there's the town of Marsala. Marsala is a colourful town full of artistic beauties. It can boasts a lots of churches, caves, shrines, spas and old ruines. Marsala is placed 20 minutes far from the beautiful Aegadian Islands and its main resources comes from the sea. It is the town of the sailors, the wine and the fishermans but it is also popular for its archeological sites. Marsala can maintains the typical Mediterranean hospitality.

The most important things to do in Marsala are: seeing the beautiful sunset to the famous "Stagnone"(a sort of lagoon), sighseeing to the old town, to the Ipogeo of Crispia Salvia, archeological site of Capo Boeo, the wine factories, the council theatre and tasting the wonderful typical dishes and savors of Sicily.

The tourists have a wide choice about the sandy beaches, all of them facing to a crystal clear and emerald green sea.