Kimolos is a little island in the Cyclades island group, near the more famous Milos. It is a calm and reserved island, perfect for who love the tranquillity. Kimolos is the perfect destination for who will enjoy the magic atmosphere of the original Greece, away from the modernity.

On Kimolos you can enjoy the quiet of the isolated beaches and taste the local cooking in the little restaurants; that means: live an holiday as a real traveller and not as a common turist.

The main beauty of Kimolos is its sea, that attracts every years several people who love spending holiday in sailing boat. The island is not famous for the huge beaches, but for the suggestive glimpse, through that you can admire the landscape.

Worth-seeing stops are the sand and pebble beach of Aliki, the rocks of Goupa, from which it is possible to plunge and the beach of Mavrospilia, the longest on the island.
From Kimolos you can easly reach, by sailing boat or taxiboat, the little island of Polyaegos with little pretty beaches. A not-to-miss place is the little and characterized village with its white houses. Kimolos means "gypsum", in honor to the first exported product of the island.

A visit in Chora, the capital town, will bring you back in the past; in fact, the little city was desiged as a labyrinth to confuse the pirates, that many times attacked the village. In Chora you can also visit the archeological museum. In Ellinika, a not to miss places are the suggestive church with blue dome and the sunken city, where it is possible to see the proofs of the previous historical period.
Another beautiful place on the island is the little village of the fishermen in Goupa and the hot water springs in Prassa.

The local cooking is basic but tasty, as well as on the other greek island; if you taste it in the typical local restaurants it will satisfy you. The inhabitants are cordial and hospitable; it is usual to see they sing and dance: if you want to join them, you will be surely welcome.

Kimolos, this little island far away from the massive tourism, will make unforgattable your holiday's memories.