Usually, the thought of Ithaca is connected to the legendary Ulysses, whom adventures have inspired adventurers, dreamers and travelers.

Ithaca has a very antique history, even if its splendor descends more from the myth than from reality. Even nowadays, lots of sailors and tourists decide to have a holiday in Ithaca for discovering the mythological places.

Ithaca is a very green island, rich of cypress and pine tree forests, valleys, vineyards and olive cultivation, an ideal location for relaxing and feeing the mind.

The sea lovers will appreciate its wonderful sea-bottom and the amazing beaches, the most important being: Agios Ioannis, Pisso Aetos and Polis. For the amateurs of water sports, there are lots of choices: windsurf, power and sailing boats, diving, and so on.

A most to visit in Ithaca is the main town, Vathi, built all around the bay, equipped with an excellent marina and host of a fascinating archeological museum, antiques churches and the famous Ninfee Cave, where story says that Ulysses hid the Phaeacian treasure.

During your holiday in Ithaca, you will not resist visiting the archeological monuments and trying to live again their past, but also the gracious and characteristic little villages fascinate tourists. Within these, the village of Kìoni is an oasis of peace and quietness, the little town of Stavros and the lovely romantic road till the village of Anofi.

History, myth, gracious villages, crystal-clear waters and amazing sea-bottom, all this made Ithaca one of the most beautiful holiday locations in the world.