Athens is a fascinating city rich in old monuments and historical proofs.

Nowadays Athens is a cosmopolitan city, in which the historical palaces are merged together with department stores. 
You can find alleys with local markets near luxurious and modern residential areas.

Thanks to the preparation for the Olympic Game in 2004 Athens has become a real european capital city.

Athens has a very important story, this is why there are several places to visit. The Acropolis overlooks the city, it is considered the main archaeological site of the whole Greece. The Ancient Agora, the market square of the ancient Athens, is the focal point of the social life. It is located on the West slope of the Acropolis. Here you can find some interesting monuments, as: Temple of Hephaestus and the Church of the Holy Apostles. In the Roman Agora the main attraction is the Tower of the Winds. Mount Lycabettus offers a scenic view of the whole city and land, to the Aegina and Salamina islands.

The modern centre of Athens is represent by two little squares: Syntagma e La Plaka. Here you can find many restaurants, country pubs, bar and every kinds of little shops. In the Syntagma square is located the parliament supervised by the "Evzones", the honour guards dressed with traditional greek cloths.

Athens is a perfect destination for who want to enjoy the culture and relax.