The island of Cavallo is placed between Sardinia and Corsica in the famous stretch of sea called the Bonifacio's mouths. The island is inhabitated by a restricted number of people and even during the summer the populated houses are fews. Cavallo maintains the status of uncontaminated island and for that reason is consider one of the most beautiful destinations of the Mediterranean. 15 km of sandy beaches and hidden coves and bays, a lush vegetation, a wild nature and a wonderful sea made this island so famous.

The waters surrounding the island are crystal clears and characterized by a turquoise-blue. Fantastics diving and snorkeling experiences are available thanks to the beautiful sea bottoms, but even just a swimming among the fishes can offers to you something unforgettable.

This segret place is a perfect mix between the charm of the nature and the respect of few number of tourists that can visit it.