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British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands are an archipelago which includes 40 islands. It forms a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea.

These islands were discovered by Cristopher Columbus in 1493, although its territory never hosted Spanish settlements. This is why over the centuries, the British Virgin Islands were the object of quarrels between several European countries. In 1648 they were occupied by the Dutch, and afterwards, in 1672 they were conquered by the English. Only in 1967 they obtained the independence, although they are still part of the British Overseas Territory.

These islands have a volcanic origin and are characterized by jagged and rugged coastlines. Their beaches are internationally renowned thanks to their incredible beauty. Each one boasts its own personality and special flavour. The most popular beaches include Cane garden bay, a bay, protected from winds, covered by fine and white sand. Inside its crystal-clear sea it is possible to practice every kind of water sports; Apple bay, is another famous beach, especially among surfers.  It also provides several alternatives for  night-life, due to several pubs and bars where it is possible to sip exceptional cocktails and listen to Caribbean music or live music performances. Finally, also the beaches of Peter islands are worth visiting spots. They provide the best solutions for those who love to snorkel.

British Virgin Islands also offer several attractions of artistic and cultural interest. In the capital city, Road Town, it is possible to admire beautiful buildings characterized by the wise union between wood and colourful bricks. Unmissable spots are the J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens, an amazing botanic garden, which includes a national park. Here, it is possible to discover the lush local flora, which is characterized by rainforests, tropical trees, orchids and cactus. And the BVI Folk Museum, where it is possible to observe pictures and articrafts belonging to the ancient Amerindian population.