Known by all and considered by many as a legendary city mentioned by Homer in his surreal stories, Troy, currently called Truva, is instead a Turkish citizen in the province of Hisarlik, in the Dardanelles.

Troy has more than 4000 years of history and  if you take a walk among its ruins, you will immediately catapulted into the past. Visit Troy means to discover 9 different cities; in fact the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann discovered that were 9 towns that have occurred, between fall and rebirth.

You will be fascinated by this ancient city, its historical remains, its 9 levels that bear witness to its history from the first level which is a Neolithic village to the ninth level that corresponds to Roman buildings. A historical record that goes from 3000 B.C. today, is what most will charm your trip to Troy.

And to help you relive the event that more signed the history of this city, you will find, within the excavation, a huge wooden horse, the famous symbol of Troy.