Martinique - The places of your holidays on a sailing yacht and catamaran

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Martinique is an island belonging to the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, it is lapped by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Caribbean Sea to the west. It is an overseas department of France.

In the north of the island the higher peak of Martinique is located: Mount Pelée. This part is also covered by lush tropical forest. The center of the island is characterized by a wide plain, which hosts gentle hills to the south. Finally, the coastline is really evocative and picturesque: it boasts many and many intimate bays and coves. The most beautiful beaches in Martinque include Les Salines, a long sweep of white sandy beach lapped by a calm sea, Point du Marin, suitable for those who want to practice every kinds of water sport, Anse Noir, the only black beach and the small bays of Anse Mitan.

Thanks to the tropical climate, with an average temperature around 26° C, the island owns a lush vegetation, which includes tropical forests, rainforests, savannas and colourful flowers, making of Martinique a real natural garden. Also the seabeds are really lively and colourful, due to the presence of corals and beautiful tropical fishes.

Compared to the other Caribbean islands, Martinique boasts a richest cultural heritage, that can be discovered in its important literature works, music and dance. Moreover, its cuisine boasts a long- standing tradition, it is very refined and charachterized by the wise usage of spices, which spread their flavour to each corner of the island. Local specialities are made with meat, such as chicken, pork and goat, and rice accompanies every course. Martinique also offers several parties and traditional festivals.

An eclectic vacation, from relax to the discovery of another population. This is what Martinique offers. In addition, everything is framed by a fabled scenario, which includes amazing natural landscapes, peaceful waves of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and the intense Caribbean perfumes.