Ventotene is one of the roman Pontine Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the past it was a volcano.

Its landscape is very heterogeneous, on one side it is characterized by steep rocky slopes while on other side it is sloping towards the sea.

Although Ventotene is a small island, it has a huge heritage inside. Worth visiting spots are Villa Giulia, set on the top of Punta Eolo, it was the villa of Julia, the daughter of roman imperator Augustus. The archaeological museum, it offers a wide collection of local artefacts. The old roman port, that is still in use today for fisherman and diving business.

Moreover, there are also some beautiful beaches lapped by a crystal clear sea. Cala Nave is one of the most pleasant bay.

Although Ventotene attracts many tourist, the island has preserved its charm and remote essence.

It is a perfect destination for those wanting to escape the chaos of the modern life and breath a peaceful atmosphere.