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Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda are two islands lapped by the Caribbean Sea. Together with other minor islands, they form a country located in Central America.

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Every traveler will be enchanted by the amazing and breath-taking landscapes of these islets, which appear as real earthly paradises. Here it is possible to admire untouched and pure natural environments, characterized by tropical fauna and vegetation, among the endemic species there are gum trees, mahogany and lianas. On the other hand, skies are populated by colorful birds, and the sea by colorful tropical fishes and precious corals. Antigua and Barbuda owns 365 wonderful beaches; "one beach for every day of the year", as they say.

Antigua and Barbuda were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, this is why they are also rich in important cultural attractions. Worth visiting are St. John's Cathedral, Antigua and Barbuda Museums and the colonial town, offering picturesque corners characterized by old stone mills and ancient sugar plantations.

Wether you decide to enjoy a relaxing holiday or a sailing cruise, every occasion is perfect to visit Antigua and Barbuda. Let the travel experts of Vivisail and Vivitravels suggest the best itineraries and plan your customized trip or cabin charter cruise to live your dream vacation in this dream Caribbean destination.