Panama - The places of your holidays on a sailing yacht and catamaran

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Panama is a country in Central America, Panama City its capital: it is washed by the Caribbean sea to the north and by the Pacific Ocean to the south. It's situated on the Isthmus of Panama and the highest point in the country is Barù volcano, 11,401 feet high, in the Cordillera de Talamanca.

The land is crossed by around 500 rivers, mostly unnavigable. Among these, Rio Chagres is one of the widest and an important source of hydroelectric power. In the central part, the river is dammed by Gatun Dam, where the waters form the artificial lake of Gatun, part of the Panama Canal.

Climate in Panama is generally similar to that of the Caribbean, meaning primarily equatorial, with constantly high temperatures and humidity. On the Pacific coast, the weather tends to be less sultry and frequent breezes blow after dusk. The environment is rich in plants: the country has plenty of forests, interrupted by grasslands. 40% of the land is still covered by vegetation, but deforestation is a constant and serious threat for the natural habitat: it is estimated in fact that since the '40s tree coverage has been reducing by 50%.

The fauna includes several species: the most curious animal is undoubtedly the sloth, but also six types of monkey can be found in the country, including gorillas and howler monkeys, felines such as jaguars, cougars and ocelots, caymans, crocodiles, iguanas and sea turtles. 

The unemployment rate in Panama remains the second highest in Central America; in spite of this, economy on the whole has experienced a boom since 2006: it's mainly based on the service and banking sector, trading and tourism. Cultivation of export goods is well developed: they include bananas, rice, corn, coffee and sugar. An important role is also played by livestock and shrimp selling.

Panama is an excellent destination for eco tourism, thanks to its rich and varied landscape, but it's also perfect for those who want to relax on on its many white beaches, its two thousand islands and marvellous sea bottom. Panama is also interesting for those who love sailing or want to discover the traditions of the local populations. 

Visiting local communities is in fact an amazing experience, a unique chance to let yourself be immersed in the ceremonies, atmosphere and folklore of a place where time has stopped. And if you are looking for entertainment and night life, Panama City won't disappoint you with its many clubs and discos.